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Website Design & Development

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Web Hosting Services

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Website Design and Development

Our experienced Developers and Designers are able to deliver a final product that you will love, we provide maintenance and edits to your site when needed, and make sure it’s kept up to date.

Our Designers and Developers utilise many different tools, skills, and practices, in order to deliver the best product possible to our end users, that being you!

For WordPress sites, we use frameworks like Divi, WPForms, Elemental Themes, and much more, however for standard sites developed with HTML, CSS and JS, we use some frameworks like Bootstrap, Pico.CSS, W3.CSS, or even write the entire site from scratch if requested.

Search Engine Optimisation

At Gigabyte Web, we make use of our own knowledge of SEO combined with helpful plugins to edit certain information on the site, helping it climb the rankings on google

Every website we develop is immediately added to an analytics service so both you and us can monitor analytics on the website, so we can make the necessary changes to the SEO strategy used on your site if needed, alongside this we also use WordPress plugins to modify many elements of how your site appears both on search engines, as well as embeds on applications like Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc…

Web Hosting Services

Alongside our Web Design and Development service, we also offer affordable Web Hosting, with live support all year round.

We can provide E-Mail addresses to sites wanting a centralised E-Mail infrastructure as well as providing integration with booking systems, web forms, etc…

We are open to providing hosting for sites that are not developed by Gigabyte Web as well as providing domain registrations for sites that we are developing, just send us an E-Mail and we’ll look it over and provide you with prices.

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